Meet the Team


Billy Simms Jack Whelbourne Josh Cheetham
 Billy Simms  Jack Whelbourne Josh Cheetham 

Richard Shoebridge
Farrell Treacy
Jack Burrows
Richard Shoebridge  Farrell Treacy
 Jack Burrows
Aydin Djemal

 Elise Christie
 Aydin Djemal
  Elise Christie 
 Charlotte Gilmartin  Kathryn Thomson  Jennifer Pickering
 Charlotte Gilmartin  Kathryn Thomson Jennifer Pickering

Coaching Staff

Nicky Gooch Joanna Eley
  Nicky Gooch
National Coach
Joanna Eley
Development Coach
Paul Worth Seung Jae Lee  
Paul Worth
Talent ID Coach
Seung Jae Lee
Technical Coach

Support Team  

Michelle Neville PA to Performance Director & Squad Administrator    
Mike Brownlow   Physiotherapist
Paul Farmer   Physiotherapist
Dr James Hopkinson   Squad Doctor  
Dr Mike Dunlop Squad Doctor 
Dr Mark Bawden   Sports Psychologist  
Dr Mike Rotheram   Sports Psychologist  
Dr Stewart Laing   Performance Director
Dr Kevin Currell   Sports Nutritionist  
Andy Hext  Performance Analyst  
Dr Martin Holtom   IT Specialist & Photographer