Elise Christie

Date of Birth:
Hometown: Livingston
Twitter: @Elise_Christie

Elise ChristieElise got her first taste of short track speed skating at the age of twelve and quickly took to the sport.

By the age of fifteen she was invited to join the GB Squad and has made a significant impact on the world stage at both Junior and Senior level already. 

Originally from Scotland, Elise moved to Nottingham to concentrate full-time on skating at the National Performance Centre with the rest of the Squad. 

Her major achievements to date include achieving a World number one ranking in the 1000m last season, becoming the first British woman to win an individual medal at the World Championships in 2013, and representing Team GB at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.

Elise is now looking ahead to 2018 and hoping to put her experience to good use.

How did you get into Short Track? I started figure skating with a friend but a speed skating club opened at the rink I trained at. I started speed skating once a week until I was 15 and was then invited onto the team and chose to concentrate on the sport.
Why speed skating? The fact that generally the person who crosses the line first wins, the result is not down to the opinion of a judge.
What is your favourite distance to skate and why?
The 1000m because itís fast and not too long that it becomes boring.
What do you consider to be your greatest achievement to date?1000m gold at the World Cup in Moscow.
What was your highlight of 2011-2012? Leading a whole 1000m and crossing the line first. I've never felt so overwhelmed.
Sporting ambition: To get an Olympic medal in Sochi in 2014 (and a six pack)
Favourite skating memory: When I was a junior and I accidentally tripped my team mate at the start. So to help out I went to the front to slow the race down. When she caught up she went up on the inside and wiped everyone except me out!

Who inspired you most at the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games and why? Jssica Ennis because she went into the Games as the one to watch and dealt with the pressure amazingly.
Who is your sporting hero? I don't have one, I only want to better myself.
Life after skating: I would like to do some charity work, but I'm also interested in forensic science.
Who is your biggest influence? My coach.
Studies: Iím studying sports at Loughborough College.
Fun fact: I can play the Alton Towers theme tune on the piano!

Place to race: Great Britain, in front of the home crowd.
Films/TV shows: Gossip Girl, Dear John, Titanic, Shawshank Redemption
Band/Music: One Direction!! And Westlife.
Last book read: Fifty Shades of Grey/ The Man Who Broke into Auschwitz.
Food: Tapas, yum!
Hobbies: Sleeping and singing!

International Results (last four seasons)

2009/2010 Season
11th place Olympic Winter Games 500m
4th place World Championships 1000m
6th place World Championships 3000m
8th place World Championships Overall
Silver medal European Championships 1500m
Silver medal European Championships 3000m
Bronze Medal European Championships Overall
5th place European Championships Ladies Relay
5th place World Junior Championships 1000m
6th place World Junior Championships 500m
8th place World Junior Championships Overall

2010/11 Season 
4th place World Championships 1000m
8th place World Championships 1500m
5th place European Championships 1000m
6th place European championships 1500m

2011/2012 Season 
6th place World Cup 100M, Salt Lake
2nd place World Cup 1000m, Saguenay
2nd place World Cup 1000M, Nagoya
6th place World Cup 1500M, Shanghai
1st place World Cup 1000M, Moscow
4th place World Championships 1000M and 10th overall
7th place European Championships 1500M and 10th overall 

2012/2013 International Results
1st place European Championships 1500M, Malmo
1st place European Championships 1000M, Malmo
2nd place overall at European Championships in Malmo
2nd and 4th places respectively World Cup 1000M and 1000M(2), Calgary
2nd and 9th place respectively World Cup 1000M and 500M, Montreal
1st and 2nd place respectively World Cup 1000M and 1500M, Nagoya
3rd and 9th place respectively World Cup 1000M and 1000M(2), Shanghai
2nd and 3rd places respectively World Cup 1000M and 1500M, Sochi
1st and 11th place respectively World Cup 1500M and 500M, Dresden
11th place World Cup Dresden, Ladies Relay
3rd place in 1000M, 6th place in 1500M and 7th place in 500M at World Championships in Debrecan, Hungary Ė Overall Ė 7th place
Finished the season World Cup ranked number 1 in the 1000M


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