Richard Shoebridge

Date of Birth:
Hometown: Solihull
Twitter: @rshoei

Richard Shoebridge
Richard joined GB Short Track after he was talented scouted by GB selectors in 2010.

With joint British and Canadian citizenship, Richard was able to continue his development with the Great Britain Squad in Nottingham.

He immediately had a significant impact and with Jon, Stan and Jack shattered the 5000m relay world record by over two tenths of a second at the end of the 2010/11 season.

How did you first get into skating? My parents took me Ė I cried for a whole lap, got off, and then didnít get back on until after I started roller-skating with friends. After that it was a natural progression for me.
What is your favourite distance to skate and why? 500m Ė Itís got the most action and itís the fastest. I love going as fast as I can and making daring passes!
What element of speed skating do you enjoy the most? The speed and thrill of racing!
What do you consider to be your greatest achievement to date? Being the first GB team to break a world record when we skated the 5000m relay at the 2010 World Cup in Dresden, Germany.
What was you highlight of 2011-2012? Getting 2nd placve in the 500om Relay at World Cup 1 in Salt Lake City. 
What is your sporting ambition? To represent my country at the Olympics and become an Olympic champion
What is your favourite skating memory? Celebrating as a team on the ice as we broke the 5000m World Record. It was extremely emotional.
Tip for the top: ďPain is temporary, quitting is forever.Ē
How would you liked to be remembered? A hard-working, determined and confident athlete. 

Who inspired you most at the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games and why? Mo Farah, he was so confident and he had so much belief in himself. He raced like a true champion.
Do you do any sports outside of skating? Cycling- I absolutely love road biking and watching live racing. Also canít get enough of my single speed bike, itís my second love to speed skating. I also play ultimate Frisbee, tennis and enjoy kicking a football around.
Any sporting family members? All of them! Weíre a speed skating family and my sister is involved in competitve horse show jumping.
Life after skating: Iíd love to get into competitive cycling. I have ambitions of either being a police officer, teacher or a natioanl team coach, and I canít wait to have a family.
One thing you canít live without: My family. Iíd be lost without them and their continued support.
Fun fact:  I was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa until the age of 11, moved to Cambridge, Canada, and then at 18 moved to Calgary, Canada for university up until I was 24 and then came to Nottingham. I am a world traveller!

Place to race: 
Calgary, Canada.
Films/TV shows: Smallville Ė all time favourite (Iím a huge Superman geek), Big Bang Theory, Family Guy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Band/Music: Bon Jovi, Linkin Park
Last book read: Man's Search For Meaning
Food: Lasagne
Hobbies: Playstation! I love being outdoors, cycling and spending time with friends.

International Results (last three seasons)
2010/2011 Season 
6th place World Championships Relay
Bronze Medal European Championships Relay
6th place European Championships 500m
12th place European Championships 1500m
14th place European Championships 1000m
6th place World Cup 1000m
4th place World Cup 500m
World Record Holder Menís 5000m Relay

2011/2012 Season 
11th place World Championships 1000m
19th place World Championships - Overall ranking
16th place World Cup 1000m in Salt Lake City
5th place World Cup 500m in Moscow
11th place World Cup 500m in Moscow
14th place World 1500m in Shanghai
5th place World Cup 500m in Saguenay
2nd place World Cup Relay
14th place in Europeans 500m, 1000m and 1500m

2012/2013 International Results
11th place World Cup 1000M in Calgary
4th place World Cup Relay in Montreal
11th place World Cup 500M in Shanghai
4th place World Cup Relay in Shanghai
4th place World Cup Relay in Sochi
5th place Europeans Relay in Malmo

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